What we do

In our lab we utilize a wide range of research tools, such as dynamic modeling, network science and game theory to address public-health challenges. Furthermore, with the realization that the term epidemics can be generalized to the spread of phenomena, the methodologies developed thus far are highly useful in many disciplines, well beyond infectious diseases including viral marketing, cyber-attack and even behaviors with social-contagion aspects.

Cyber Security

The goal of our research is to develop a dynamic framework to improve the rate and time of malware detection. Our work incorporates usage behavior whilst protecting user privacy. We will develop a mathematical model that is based on epidemic modeling with network science to improve prediction and control of malware propagation.


The goal of our research is to optimize the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of various health-related strategies for vaccination and control. To achieve this goal, we apply multidisciplinary mathematical modeling to address national and international public health challenges.

Viral Marketing

The goal of our research is to develop optimal viral marketing strategies in accordance with the limited resources of marketers. We use real-world data to infer networks’ topologies and predict the reach of campaigns as well as the adoption of new products.

Social Contagion

Human behavior in a social environment can also be modeled using epidemiological methodologies. Analogously to disease spread, individuals may be influenced by the appearance and the behaviors of those around them and might "get infected", thereby, adopting specific habits such as eating, drinking, dressing style or smoking. The goal of our research is to investigate the creation, spread and impact of anti-Israeli sentiments in social networks by identifying posts containing such sentiments, characterizing the trends that govern the growth and decline in sharing each individual post, and develop methods of early detection for the potential impact of anti-Israeli posts.


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